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DT-12E Electric operating table
Name: DT-12E Electric operating table
Model: DT-12E


It adopts imported electric appliances and electric hydraulic system.

The table is constructed with 5 movable parts,and suitable for all kinds of surgeries as well as special operative positions,and C arm X-ray inspection and radiography.

It is equipped with X-ray rack and cassette specifically for C arm users.

It is equipped with microcomputer controller and safety lock key protecting from mishandling.Set one-key restoration device.

Unilateral column design and large space under table have given adequate space to install C arm X-ray

Apparatus and other device

Steering control switch and universal steering wheel make the table move and rotate free when needed.

Removable and assemble head board and leg plate which can be forked and lengthened.

Generous,nice looking and humanization design make clinicians stable gravity centre and decrease fatigue stress during operation.

Shell is made of stainless steel.Mattress is made using new technology and new materials,so it has many advantages such as easy clean,acid and alkali resistance,anti-bacterial,impact,comfortable and beautiful.

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