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PVA sponge
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PVA introduction
Medical PVA sponge takes PVA as raw materials and is manufactured into products with different models and specifications via scientific method and elaborate processing for purpose of various surgical operations.
PVA sponge adopts acetalation, foam polymerization methods to produce porous plastic foam sponge (FOAM): which is also called ionic polyvinyl alcohol sponge (i-PVA sponge). This new sponge introduces sodium polyacrylate side chains to the polyvinyl alcohol molecules to form a non-fiber porous three-dimensional structure. It has stable chemical performance, good biocompatibility and strong absorption, liquid and blood absorption performance. This product is a new high-end surgical dressing that replaces absorbent cotton gauze and has been used in clinic internationally for 20 years with mature technologies and wide application. The product category is ¡°6864 new health materials and dressings¡±.
Medical PVA sponge is soft in texture, has good overall performance, free of fiber shedding and has strong liquid absorption compared to the traditional medical gauze. It has superior biological properties, good compatibility and no rejection reaction and its physical and chemical property also greatly surpasses conventional surgical gauzes. In some high-standard surgical environment and surgical operations with special requirements, it has been increasingly bringing its superiority into full play. Such as: stopping bleeding, absorbing blood and filling during ENT operations; neurosurgery surgical operation and thoracic surgery heart surgery, where wound healing might be affected due to fiber shedding; it can absorb completely the minor bleeding during ophthalmology, cosmetic, microscopic surgeries so as to clean operative field, rendering faster and more accurate operation; it is necessary materials for vacuum drainage in trauma surgery, which can greatly improve wound healing effect; in general surgery, it can reduce cell cross transfer and cell seeding due to insufficient cleaning. Especially in various endoscopic surgery in current minimally invasive era, this product can be tailored into different sizes with different shapes depending on the surgical requirements, which can more effectively oppress the tissues in the cavity, wipe and absorb liquid and broaden cavity field but also can act as aspirator to directly absorb liquid on the cotton piece without replacing the cotton piece. In the surgery, doctors don¡¯t need to worry about sponge head falling off but can be assured to clean, absorb and wipe the blood and liquid in the blind spots, solving the troubles of cutting gauze before operation, insufficient liquid absorption in the operation and post-operation gauze left behind, improving operation efficiency and safety.

The product is simple in structure, easy for application and has long sterile storage life. As long as the clinical doctors and nurses operate strictly as per operation instruction, safe and efficient operation can be achieved. Doctors can also know that this product has superior performance and better effects in blood and liquid absorption compared to traditional materials like degreasing cotton and gauze. It will be gradually applied to other medical fields and has broad prospects.

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